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Title: Studia Universitatis Vasile Goldis, Seria Stiintele Vietii (Life Sciences Series)
Abbreviated title: Studia Univ. VG, SSV
Publisher: "Vasile Goldis" University Press
Owner: Western University "Vasile Goldis" Arad, Romania
ISSN: 1584-2363
e-ISSN: 1842-7863
ISSN-L: 1584-2363

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Studia Universitatis "Vasile Goldis"
Seria Stiintele Vietii (Life Sciences Series)
vol. 23, issue 3, 2013
Publisher: "Vasile Goldis" University Press
Owner: Western University "Vasile Goldis" Arad, Romania
ISSN: 1584-2363
e-ISSN: 1842-7863
ISSN-L: 1584-2363
Pages: 227-404

# Article Title Author
1 Cone beam computer tomography in maxillary cyst diagnosis – case presentation Chisalita G., Valea V., Birsasteanu F., Sferdian M., Ciobanu C., Ciobanu G.
2 Ecological study of Lapus Country Ardelean A.
3 Pollution values in Tur and Barcău waters Ardelean D. I., Ardelean A.
4 Case report: maxillary cyst with intrasinus evolution Chisăliţă G., Bîrsăşteanu F., Sferdian M., Ciobanu C., Ciobanu G.
5 Flow cytometric assessment of ex vivo Carassius auratus red blood cells in sublethal exposure to heavy metals Covaci A., Mihali C. V., Petrescu M., Herman H., Turcus V., Bratosin D.
6 Flow cytometric measurement of reactive oxygen species production in red blood cells from fish after exposure to heavy metals Covaci A., Mihali C. V., Turcuş V., Bratosin D.
7 The non-discrimination principles – component of the implementation of longlife learning program. Implementation specificity for pharmaceutical field Draganescu D., Lupuleasa D., Dumitrescu I. B., Taerel A. E., Ciolan D. F.
8 Living with achondroplasia – some medical and social aspects Dumitra S., Morgovan S., Dupta A., Marginean O.
9 Risk insurance of disease or disability in the Romanian unified public pension system Floruţi (Vasil) M., Jompan A.
10 Medico-social aspects by framing the disability degree of the people who have lost their capacity to work due to neoplasia in Arad Floruţi (Vasil) M., Jompan A.
11 The paracetamol and theophylline co-administration - an avoiding to interaction Gligor R., Gligor Ş.
12 Botanical gardens of the European Union and ex situ conservation Grec M., Ardelean A.
13 The evaluation of early viral response (RVT) and the assessment of haematological adverse effects Grec V., Miutescu E.
14 Viral hepatitis and the estimations of the effects of antiviral treatment Grec V., Miutescu E.
15 SEM and EDAX morphological observation of three ornamental species of the Genus Magnolia Groza N. V., Mihali C. V., Turcus V., Ardelean A.
16 Potato microtuberisation under the influence of certain organic acids Nistor A., Chiru N., Cioloca M., Popa M.
17 The importance of postoperative care in congenital hip dislocation Orita V., Golumbeanu M., Bucur Constantinescu M.
18 Flow cytometric assessment of unicellular Chlorella cells alterations under heavy metals exposure Petrescu C. M., Turcus V., Bratosin D.
19 Toxicity evaluation by flow cytometric analysis of nanoparticles using the unicellular alga Chlorella Petrescu C.M., Calu L., Dobre A. M., Turcus V., Bratosin D.
20 Psychotherapy of the injectable drug misuse Podea D., Kelemen A.
21 Determining the amount of phosphorus (P) absorbed by roots, and the rest of the sunflower (Helianthus annuus) seedlings in the first days of germination, from Knopp nutrient solution Rusu A. I., Aredelean A., Turcus V.
22 Determinations of the neutral red vital dye accumulation in the roots of castor oil plant (Ricinus communis) compared to the extra-radicular absorption recorded in the aerial parts of the plant Rusu A.I., Ardelean A., Turcus V.
23 The influence of limestone exploitation from Mateiaşu Mountain (South Romanian Carpathians) on floristic composition Stancu R.
24 Compliance of the students to the refractive errors correction with glasses Turcin L. A., Jompan A.
25 Need for refractive errors screening in school-age children by objective methods Turcin L., Jompan A.