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Title: Studia Universitatis Vasile Goldis, Seria Stiintele Vietii (Life Sciences Series)
Abbreviated title: Studia Univ. VG, SSV
Publisher: "Vasile Goldis" University Press
Owner: Western University "Vasile Goldis" Arad, Romania
ISSN: 1584-2363
e-ISSN: 1842-7863
ISSN-L: 1584-2363

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Influence of different potassium concentrations in potato microtuberization Print E-mail
Written by Nistor A., Chiru N., Cioloca M., Popa M.   
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Article Title: Influence of different potassium concentrations in potato microtuberization
Authors: Andreea Nistor, Nicoleta Chiru, Mihaela Cioloca, Monica Popa
Affiliation: NIRDPSB Brasov, Romania
Abstract: In this study the effect of potassium nutrition on the induction and development of microtubers by in vitro tuberization was evaluated for two potato genotypes: Christian and Desiree. The objective of this experience was to investigate whether an increasing in potassium concentration would improve in vitro tuberization rate. It was studied the effect of three levels of potassium (10, 25 and 40 (mM/L) on in vitro tuberization. Increasing the potassium supply increased the size but decreased the number of microtubers.
Keywords: in vitro tuberization, micropropagation, production, Solarum tuberosum L., tissue culture, minicuttings
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