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Title: Studia Universitatis Vasile Goldis, Seria Stiintele Vietii (Life Sciences Series)
Abbreviated title: Studia Univ. VG, SSV
Publisher: "Vasile Goldis" University Press
Owner: Western University "Vasile Goldis" Arad, Romania
ISSN: 1584-2363
e-ISSN: 1842-7863
ISSN-L: 1584-2363

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The analysis of ecological behaviour of the macrolichens from Rosia Montana (Romania) Print E-mail
Written by Crisan F., Ardelean I.   
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Article Title: The analysis of ecological behaviour of the macrolichens from Rosia Montana (Romania)
Authors: Florin Crisan1*, Ioana Ardelean2
Affiliation: 1 “Babeş-Bolyai” University, Cluj-Napoca, Romania,
Departament of Taxonomy and Ecology, Faculty of Biology and Geology
2 “Babeş-Bolyai” University, Cluj-Napoca, Romania, Faculty of Biology and Geology
Abstract: The 41 foliose and fruticulose lichen species identified from Rosia Montana area were characterised using the ecological indexes for chemical reaction of the substrate, according to Ellenberg et al. (1992) and Wirth (1995). Among the 41 species identified in the studied area, 2 species are included in Habitats Directive (Cladonia arbuscula, C. ciliata) and 9 are rare species (Cetraria islandica, C. sepincola, Cladonia bellidiflora, C. cervicornis, C. crispata, Pychnothelia papillaria, Usnea florida, U. subfloridana).
Keywords: lichens, foliose, fruticulose, ecology, Romania
References: Barkman J., Phytosociology and ecology of cryptogamic epiphytes, Ed. Van Gorcum et Co., Assen. 1958.
Ciurchea M., Determinatorul lichenilor din România, Ed. Bit., Iaşi, 2004.
Crişan F., Ecologia unor specii de macrolicheni corticoli, in Cristea V., Baciu C., Gafta d., -eds., Municipiul Cluj-Napoca şi zona periurbana. Studii ambientale, Ed accent, Cluj-Napoca, 97-109, 2002.
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Purvis O.W. et al., The lichen flora of Great Britain and Ireland, The British Lichen Society, Natural History Museum, London, 1994.
Wirth V., Flechtenflora, Gustave Fischer Verlag, Stuttgart, 1995.
*Correspondence: Florin Crişan, “Babeş-Bolyai” University Cluj-Napoca, Faculty of Biology and Geology, 42 Republicii st., 400015, Cluj-Napoca, Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it